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Hi and welcome to the GSM Assistant where we review the lastest GSM phones.  The purpose of this site is to details the latest phones from the big mobile phone companies that make the best GSM cellphones out there.
We have broken down the phones to be categorized by the cell manufacturer.  Also, as we add a review of each phone we look forward to hearing from you about your success (or lack their of) with each phone.  We are really looking to build a great resource of human reviews of actually GSM mobile phone users…instead of the standard marketing communications you get from a big company telling you their latest smart phone rocks the house.

Samsung S8300 UltraTOUCH

Samsung S8300 UltraTOUCH or Tocco Ultra depending on the market. These is the latest Samsung that comes in the slider. A 12.7mm slim with 2.8″capactive OLED touchscreen, 8 mega pixel camera and GPS receiver with Route 66 navigation.

Key Features:

* GSM 850/900/1800/1900

LG KS360

LG KS360 is a Mid-range slider phones that will easily catch your eye with a bold colors and quirky controls. Have a several color combinations, which will be exclusive to various carriers. The full list color options includes Black and red, Black and silver, White and soft pink, and Titanium and bright blue. The LG KS360 retail package includes the charger, headset and data cable. No memory card included. Measuring 101.5x51x16.8mm not a slim but surely a pocket friendly. There’s no 3G or Wi-Fi and the camera only a 2 megapixel sensor, with no flash. The phone is all about messaging, the shortcut keys to SMS.

The LG KS360

The frontal panel is taken by the large 2.4” display of QVGA resolution. It is notable for its rounded edges and the unusual round keys. Cutting budget corners didn’t seem affect the screen while the handset is really affordable. The touchscreen functionality is only available thought with the phone dialer. There is a bunch of controls below the display, but even the crammed layout of rounds knobs and flatbed keys may suggest otherwise, they are all easy to use with excellent tactility. The cross-haired navigation keys are notable for having the UP and Down keys and confirm center detached from the side scroll controls. The slide out the drawer-like hardware QWERTY keyboard and the screen changes its orientation to landscape automatically. All the front controls under the display are duplicated on the QWERTY keyboard so you can not only type but also navigate the interface hassle-free.

The function symbols on each key have a blue back lights, while the secondary such as numbers and punctuation have a back light of bright orange. The result of the secondary ones are quite more prominent in a low light environment and may affect the typing speed as the main ones are a bit hard to recognized. The LG KS360 retail package have a charger, a headset and a data cable. The microSD card slot and the LG universal port for connecting charger, headphones and data cable are located on the left-hand side of the LG KS360. The loudspeaker and the camera lens are easily visible on the back of the device. With a 2 mega pixel but doesn’t have a a LED flash and is only sided by a mirror for self portraits. The LG KS360 offers up to 5 hour of talk time and up to 430h of standby time. A very good build of a plastic piece of gear, the slider action is smooth and solid and surfaces except for the screen.

Key Features:

* Tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support
* Large 2.4″ TFT display of QVGA resolution
* Full slide-out QWERTY keyboard with screen rotation
* Touchscreen dialing
* 2 megapixel camera
* Stereo Bluetooth
* FM radio
* microSD memory card slot (up to 4GB)
* Threaded SMS
* Attractive 3D image gallery
* Office document viewer

Main Disadvantages:

* No UMTS support
* No camera autofocus
* Poor video recording resolution (fit for MMS only)
* Awkward file manager – no user-created folders
* Uncomfortable phonebook (takes two clicks to get to the contacts list)
* No smart dialing
* The FM radio lacks RDS and cannot play in the background
* Poor web browser and basic music player

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

Sony Ericson has produced an exceptional handsets over these past few years with certain gems like the W950 W300i and W580i that will catch your eyes and hearts of casual and hardcore mobile fanatics alike. An extra solid metal looks, gorgeous screen and the right pinch of novelty called XPERIA panels look as good enough reasons for the X1 to be hyped and romanticized. The Sony Ericson X1 is surely the most eagerly anticipated device in the world of Windows Mobile.

Key Features:

* Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support plus HSDPA 7.2Mbps

* 3-inch 65K-color WVGA touchscreen

* Qualcomm MSM7200 528 Mhz CPU and 256 MB DDR SDRAM

* 3.15 MP auto focus camera with VGA video recording

* Four-row full QWERTY slide-out keyboard

* Wi-Fi and built-in GPS receiver with A-GPS

* X-Panels interface

* Optical trackpad

* Exquisite and solid metallic body

* Standard miniUSB port and Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP

* microSD memory expansion

* FM radio with RDS

* 3.5mm standard audio jack

* MS Office Mobile document editor

* Opera 9.5 web browser

* Excellent video playback performance

* Superb audio quality

The front of the Sony Ericson XPERIA X1 is taken by the large 3” touch screen. The front frame and the battery cover are made from stainless steel and don’t attract finger prints at all. The body is made of solid plastic, chrome finish on the edges. The two dedicated call keys and a pair of soft keys and the D-pad with a confirming center that doubles as an optical trackpad. The last two controls here are the X-PANEL key and OK knob. Most of the controls offering pleasing ergonomics and functionality. The Up key on the D-pad is the least projecting bit of the 5 way key, a proper unpleasantly obstructed by the upper end of the black plastic panel. Its rigidity and low stroke are utterly inconsistent with the rest of the D-pad sides, which are ample and tactile.

The QWERTY keyboard is one of the most notable differences between the XPERIS and the Touch Pro. The giant space and the Enter Keys on the XPERIA may initially impress but it takes only a couple of minutes to conclude that the 5-rom QWERTY keypad on the Touch Pro is the most typing friendly solution. Still, the better viewing angle of the screen – when typing on the QWERTY keyboard – sure is an asset, which XPERIA owes to the arc slider form factor. Plus, the actual sliding action is smoother than the Touch Pro. Upon opening the keypad, the screen of course automatically rotates to landscape.

The volume rocker on the right side hosts the top and the shutter key all the way down. They are quite comfortable and well integrated with the overlap design. Though quite slim, the camera key is pleasingly responsive, with a distinct half press. The volume rocker doubles the zoom layer. The shutter key is replicated by a small recess on the left side which in shooting mode serves as a comfortable thumb rest. All the way up on that left up on that left side is the miniUSB port that is also used for charging the handset.

Sony Ericson XPERIA X1 features the power button, 3.5 mm standard audio jack and the stylus compartment. Unlike the HTC Touch Pro, there is no magnetic action with th XPERIA X1 which you should push or pull it out manually and the stylus isn’t active. There are four status LEDs along the sides of the handset, the upper pair twinkles in red for errors and empty battery while the purple blinks of the lower ones are triggered by a number of applications.

The rear cover of the XPERIA X1 lies and impressive 1500mAh Li-Ion battery that powers the Sony Ericson Pocket PC. Under the rear cover is th microSD. A 3.2 mega pixel snapper and the LED flash are at the top of the rear, placed within a black nest of hexagonal shape. The battery life is stellar, the browsing in Opera is delightful, the VGA resolution is drool-worthy and the integrated camera isn’t too shabby, either. This here truly is a case of matching up the pros and cons with your specific needs and determining which list outweighs the other.

Main Disadvantages:

* Body is a bit on the bulky side

* User interface is hardly thumb-optimized

* Mediocre camera performance

* No built-in accelerometer

* Poor display sunlight legibility

* Records low quality VGA@30fps video in 3GP format

* No TV-out port

* No full Flash support for the browser (hence no full-featured YouTube)

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

People all over the world want a device that is great in music experience with a more memory, loud and powerful speakers, easy synchronization and must still work well as a mobile phone with direct access to important contacts and content. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic delivers on all counts and allows consumers to access and share content. And now, the Nokia has joined the fray and its Tube smartphone or Nokia 5800 XpressMusic had the potential to eat into Apple’s market share. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic a mobile device for music lover that brings the innovative new features to the mass market. The Nokia’s vision is to provide the best total experience possible and will be among the first devices to support in comes to music. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is a S60 5th Edition device with a resistive touch screen and tactile feedback. The device has a variety of input methods: stylus, plectrum and finger touch support for text input and UI control. Made of rubbery plastic, the case is pleasantly soft to the touch and seems durable enough.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic stands at 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm in its full touchscreen shine. That totals a volume of 83cc, which isn’t the most compact you get in the class. This however is mainly attributed to the considerable thickness and height. The weight of 109g is an entirely different story and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic beats almost every other handset in the touchscreen class. The 15.5 mm girth still isn’t too bothersome while the tall and slender build do give the Finnish touchscreen a distinct and recognizable identity. It find fitting perfectly in hand – and most pockets – but the greatest benefit is the easy single-hand operation.

The Nokia 5800XpressMusic introduces the Media Bar, a handy menu that provides the direct access to music and entertainment including favourite tracks, videos and photos. It also offers a direct link to the web and to online sharing. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic supports Flash content individuals can surf the entire web and also offers all the music essentials, including a graphic equalizer, 8GB memory to 6000 tracks and support all main digital music formats, and 3.5 jack. Surrounded by a built-in stereo speaker that makes the most powerful sound.

The Nokia 5800 XpreessMusic provides an easy way to access to browse and purchase tracks from the Nokia Music Store. The newly updated Nokia Music PC software allows for easy drag and drop transfer of songs and manage of any music collection. The innovative Contacts Bar where the four favorite contacts are in highlights on their home screen and through the single touch, track a digital history of recent text messages, emails, phone logs, photos and blog updates. A 3.2” wide screen display brings photos, video clips and web content to life in vibrant color and true clarity that brings the screen resolution available on a mobile phone. With a 16 by 9 aspect ration and 30 frames per second playback and recording the device is ideal for VGA quality video recording and playback. It also features a 3.2 mega pixel with Carl Zeiss lens and with a single touch, images or videos can be shared via a favorite online community such as Share on Ovi, Flickr or Facebook. The Music play list sing titles also can be shared through Bluetooth, MMS or online sharing. Supported by 60 languages worldwide, which covers nearly 90 percent of the world population. The Nokia 5800 XpreeMusic offers a variety of input methods including a virtual alphanumeric keypad, a virtual computer style QWERTY keyboard, a pen stylus and for true music enthusiasts. A plectrum are all available. A Bluetooth of 2.0+EDR and USB 2.0 High Speed. There is also a mini DVD containing a presentation of the phone features and the required PC sync software.

Key Features:

* 3.2″ 16M-color TFT LCD 16:9 touchscreen display (360 x 640 pixels)
* Symbian S60 5th edition
* ARM 11 369 MHz CPU, 128 MB of SDRAM memory
* 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera with dual-LED flash
* VGA video recording at 30fps
* Dual-band 3G with HSDPA support
* Quad-band GSM support
* Wi-Fi
* Capable GPS receiver and Nokia Maps 2.0 Touch
* microSD card memory expansion, ships with an 8GB card
* TV out
* FM radio with RDS
* Bluetooth and USB v2.0
* 3.5mm standard audio jack
* Excellent audio quality
* Landscape on-screen virtual QWERTY keyboard
* Proximity sensor for screen auto turn-off
* Accelerometer sensor for automatic UI rotation and motion-based gaming
* Rich retail package
* Affordable price
* Office document viewer
* OVI and MySpace integration (direct image and video uploads)

Main Disadvantages:

* Limited 3rd party software availability
* UI is still immature with somewhat dodgy user experience
* Touchscreen sensitivity not the best in the class
* No smart dialing
* Poor image quality and no GPS geotagging
* Touch web browser not quite polished
* No voice-guided navigation license
* No office document editing out-of-the-box
* Doesn’t charge off microUSB

LG KF900 Prada

LG KF900 Prada is also known as Prada II with a Bluetooth wrist watch, which matches the fashionable handset and re-affirms its high-tech status. A large 3 inch LCD touch screen display with 240×400 pixel and a slide out QWERTY keyboard. The LG Prada 2 phone are 10.5cmx5.4cmx1.68cm and come in Black with a silver slide-out keyboard. You can used the internet via WAP and HTML/XHTML web browsing technology. You can keep in touch with your family and friends with emailing, instant messaging, SMS and MMS using the handset.

Key Features:

*3-inch 262K-color capacitive touchscreen display of WQVGA resolution
*Comfortable QWERTY keyboard
*5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash
*D1 (720×480) resolution video recording at 30fps
*Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support
*Dual band 3G with HSDPA support
*Responsive Flash-based interface with multi-touch support
*Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP and USB v2.0
*Stylish and generous retail package
*microSD memory card slot (verified to work with 16GB cards)
*FM radio with RDS
*Accelerometer sensor for screen auto rotate
*Office document viewer
*DivX video support
*Fashion-related content preloaded

Main Disadvantages:

*Two-year-old design
*The large waistline doesn’t match the fashionable image (but is OK for a QWERTY messenger)
*Plastic build
*No GPS (LG Renoir has it)
*No XviD video support (LG Renoir has it)
*Multi-touch has rather limited use
*No Flash support in the web browser
*Video recording is a letdown
*High cost-to-features ratio (but OK for a premium fashion handset)

With the help of the WI-FI, EDGE, GPRS and 3G HSDPA you will get a quick file transfers and connections. You can connect to the compatible devices using Bluetooth and USB which are fully supported. There are applications also that are available such as clock, stopwatch and document viewer to name a few. There’s also a downloaded games or java games. For those who love taking photos, the LG KF900 Prada comes with digital zoom 5 mega-pixel Camera. A Camera key that is easy to operate with a 3G video calls to anyone who has 3G capabilities on their phone and make videos with Video Editor and Video Gallery features and play it all back on the great 3 inch TFT colour screen. The Music Player system on this handset is supported by a number of music file formats such as AAC, MP3, WAV and WMA, and there is also a built in FM radio. And will surely suit your mood or choose a polyphonic ring tones that already comes on the phone.

The LG KF900 Prada comes in all black leather cube of a box with all the accessories underneath in its own small package. There is a charger, USB-cable, cleaning cloth, CD with software and a manual. The new Prada entourage also includes a stereo headset with a rather chunky remote, attachment clip and 3.5 mm jack adapter. With 1GB microSD card and 256MB card that came the original Prada and also can handled 16GB microSD card. The elegant digital wristwatch, which is Bluetooth-enabled that you can monitor the Prada Phone calls as well as allow you to read full SMS text messages. It is timepiece water resistant, that will will help you to track your calls and messages while taking a bath or resting anywhere.

Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani

The Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani is a stylish mobile phone with fantastic light effects and a eye catching phone. The logos is came from the fashion designer Giorgio Armani which provide a colorful light effects as well as a very unique look. The mobile phone with a green, blue, and red color effects the simply exude the style. The phone is entirely made of plastic and the looks is very appealing and humbly acknowledges the metal that belongs in a different league of the original Giorgio Armani handset.

Key Features:

*Quad-band GSM and 3G with HSDPA support
*2.2″ 256K-color OLED display of QVGA resolution
*3 megapixel auto-focus camera with smile shot
*Emporio Armani branding
*Light effects
*120MB of internal memory and microSD memory card slot (verified to work with 16GB cards)
*3.5mm standard audio jack
*Dedicated music keys
*FM radio with RDS
*Bluetooth (with A2DP) and USB v2.0
*Multi-tasking support and a convenient shortcut bar on the homescreen
*Office document viewer
*ShoZu integration
*Smart dial

Design and Construction

The M7500 Emporion Armani comprises a large 2.2 inch OLED screen with resolutions of 240×320 pixels providing the user with colorful and bright screen imagery. The handset is a slender sized phone with dimensions of 115×47.5x12mm and with weights of 90g making for comfortable manageability. The phone is mainly youth-oriented, especially with the flashy stripes and logos on the sides. The front panel of the phone is glossy surface screen, while the keypad has a brushed metal effect. The side and the back is made of softly rubbery finish that’s pleasant to touch and provides great grip.

Music and Entertainment Plus the Connectivity of Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani

The Music of Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani had a high quality built-in music player system for on the go music entertainment. Supported by the formats of MP3, AAC and WMA with a built-in FM radio which includes RDS technology. It is really enjoyable experience to have this mobile phone, the music can be easily transfer to your favourite CD’s or even download music straight from the internet onto the handset. A 3.5mm audio socket which enables the users to connect a suitable set of headphones/earphones for private listening if desired. The built-in internal memory of the Samsung Armani mobile phone is about 120 mega-bytes., with a support of MicroSD memory card and can allow the user to increase the phones memory for the allowance of music files, downloads and clips. Easily to connect to the internet because of the ease and speed of the handset, it is equipped with XHTML and WAP 2.0 web browser technologies. A great service of the speed transfer, provided by EDGE, GORS, 3G HSDPA and HSCSD technologies. The mobile phone operates on Quad-band network and covers GSM-850/900/1800/1900 and UMTS-21000 that provides the roaming facility to the user. A stylish handset that can connect to the compatible devices via Bluetooth with A2DP and USB technologies.

Camera and Messaging

The Samsung Armani mobile phone features a 3 mega-pixel camera with Auto focus, Photo Settings, Photo Editing and a Photo gallery. The video player had a format of MPEG4 and WMV video file. The camera enables to used the 3G video calling with users with the same facility. There are also different wallpapers and screen savers that are available on the handset. The messaging service is quite the same with other mobile phones. It includes SMS, MMS, emailing and Predictive Text T9. The Predictive Text T9 pre-loaded on most mobile phones that enables the user to type faster and easier keypad as its predict words that are being written, the user can choose which word it is they require.

Application Tools and Gaming Entertainment

Application tools that come available on mobile phones are all there to provide the user with a service and the Samsung M7500 Armanin Emporio is no exception. Some of the tools provided on the Armani Emporio include, Voice Memo, Call Log, To Do List, Calendar and an Alarm Clock naming just a few. The Samsung Armani features downloadable gaming to its users so catering to ones gaming taste is a doddle.

Main disadvantages:

*Hefty price tag
*QCIF video recording
*No camera flash
*No accelerometer, so no fancy music controls or screen rotation
*Smallish display for the price range
*Task Manager is assigned to the camera key

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Another handset that features the hallmarks of attractive phones but falls to be alluring. The INNOV8 does include some good design, a 2.8 inch QVGA display seems a huge on a handset this size and the keypad features an extra row keys for dedicated shortcuts, but the colour scheme of varying shades of gray is dull and the tin battery cover looks like plastic. Samsung i8510 INNOV8 with a retail package of two pieced wired headset, three different sizes of custom ear-buds and a DC charger. The enclosed hands-free set has a 3.5 mm standard audio jack which means it can easily replace the supplied headphones with a set of your choice. Samsung i8510 INNOV8 measures 106.5 x 53.9 x 17.2 mm and weighs 140 grams. Furthermore, with the slider up, the i8510 INNOV8 takes a shot at the tallest handset world record.

Key Features:

* The most feature-loaded S60 handset to date

* 2.8″ 16M-color TFT display of QVGA resolution

* 8 megapixel camera with mechanical shutter, automatic lens cover, dual PowerLED flash, digital image stabilizer, geotagging, auto panorama shot, face detection, smile detection, blink detection

* VGA video recording at 30fps and slow-motion video recording

* Symbian OS 9.3 with S60 3.2 UI

* 3G with HSDPA support

* Quad-band GSM, dual-band UMTS, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps

* 128 MB RAM

* Wi-Fi with DLNA technology

* Built-in GPS with A-GPS functionality

* Massive 8/16GB internal memory

* microSD card slot with microSDHC support

* Built-in accelerometer for UI auto-rotation

* 3.5 mm audio jack

* TV out

* Stereo FM Radio with RDS

* Optical trackpad navigation

* USB and Bluetooth v2.0

* Stereo speakers

* DNSe audio technology

* DivX support

* ShoZu integration

The INOOV8 is an easy handset to use and sports all the sports, plugs and fittings that could hope for a high-end handset. The right hand side is camera town with a dedicated camera shutter key, the microSD card slot and a switch for navigating between camera and video mode and opening the gallery. The volume/camera zoom rocker is on the opposite side above a 3.5mm headphone socket. The screen is sharp and clear with great viewing angles, but isn’t as bright as other phones and is near impossible to view under sunlight. The standard navigation key layout is added to by two extra shortcut buttons and an optical mouse jammed into the middle of the five way navigation button. This mousse takes some getting used to and is sometimes troublesome when moving through the regular menus, but is a godsend when browsing the web. The INNOV8 is a 8 mega pixel cameraphone that are already cornering the market and the most recommended featured balanced camera phone. Samsung i8510 INNOV8 also uses the microUSB port for charging, which allows you to transfer data and recharge at the same time

Main Disadvantages:

* Sizeable body

* No xenon flash

* No screen auto rotation in the main menu and homescreen

* No office document editing out of the box

* No smart dialing out of the box

* No FM transmitter (which may be nitpicking though)